Rodolfo A. Camacho

Rodolfo A. Camacho (Portland)
Trustee in Bankruptcy
PO Box 13897
Salem, OR 97309
503-244-4810 telephone (in Portland)
503-244-4721 facsimile (in Portland)
Email: [email protected]

Standing Panel of Chapter 7 Trustees
United States Bankruptcy Court
District of Oregon, Portland Division

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Hand Delivery Options:
Trustee does not accept hand deliveries at office. For special arrangements, contact trustee.

Contact Name:
Rudolfo Camacho, Trustee, as listed above
Vonda, Trustee Assistant, at 503-244-4810 (in Portland)

Preferred method of communication:
Trustee prefers email or letter, but email should get more prompt response. Please identify case by debtors’ names and bankruptcy case numbers.

Policy on Resets for Meetings of Creditors:
See US Trustee policy on meeting resets.

Please contact trustee in writing as soon as you are aware of a scheduling problem for the meeting of creditors. The writing can be email, fax, or letter, although trustee prefers email. Trustee will notify you of response and whether a notice must be sent. Please include the reason for the meeting reset and any other conflicts or limitations for dates after the initial meeting of creditors. Debtors should be prepared to stipulate to extensions of deadlines.

Document Production:
US Trustee Information Production Requirements chart (pdf file)

Domestic Support Obligations:
See Portland Panel Trustee DSO Notice Information Sheet (pdf file)

Domestic Support Obligation Information Sheet must be prepared in all cases in which the debtor has a domestic support obligation, regardless of whether the obligation is current. Please provide this information to trustee as soon as the case is filed. The meeting of creditors might be adjourned if a completed information sheet has not been provided.

Other Requirements:
Trustee suggests that all debtors provide documents as listed in the suggested document production checklist (see Panel Information Production Requirements below). Trustee might have additional documents requests in individual cases.

Trustee Document Checklist (pdf file) *Not Found (JA)