New Lawyers’ Committee

Cassie Jones, Chair

Cassie Jones, Executive Committee Liaison

The New Lawyers’ Committee of the Debtor Creditor Section was created by the Debtor Creditor Section as an opportunity for the Section to reach lawyers that are “new” to the practice of bankruptcy and debtor/creditor law, and one of the New Lawyers’ Committee’s objectives is to provide educational and networking opportunities and resources to lawyers new to the bankruptcy and debtor/creditor practice. For more information about the New Lawyers’ Committee please contact Cassie Jones.

See the calendar for meetings and activities.

Complimentary Dues for 2020

The OSB Debtor-Creditor Section is pleased to announce complimentary section dues for 2020 available to OSB Members for their year of admission and for the next three calendar years (with yearly renewal application). For more information, click here.